Redactor as front-end editor


Please say, may I use redactor as replace standard textarea in front-end, by using in FormIt?
And how make it?

Best Reegards,
Alex Ch

Hi Alex,

That’s not a supported feature currently unfortunately. It has been requested before and we’re tracking it as #278 in our internal tracker.

May I use Redactor on front end? Or I should buy separate license from imperavi?

You’d probably be better off with the standard version from imperavi. Would give you more control over the editor, the documentation available on their website would actually be accurate, and you wouldn’t have our MODX (manager) specific hacks which are combined in the Redactor.js file we ship.

Redactor for MODX 2 is based on the v10 version of Redactor, which is fairly different from what you see on their website.

But core of my question - is law that I use redactor, buy from modmore on frontend. Is this case need separate license on redactor from imperavi?

I’m not a lawyer, and discussing legalities is really not my favourite way to spend the day :wink:

We don’t support the front-end currently. Which means that if you end up using the version of Redactor we ship, you do not get support from us, nor from Imperavi as you don’t have a license with them.

As I said, our version is also not the latest so the documentation on the Imperavi site doesn’t help you, and we have made changes to the core js to make it work properly in the manager. Maybe you can get it work, but you’ll probably run into issues because of that, but maybe you’re also exposing your site to potential hacks because your frontend users will need back-end permissions.

So if you want to include the redactor.js we ship in the frontend, I don’t care from a legal standpoint. But to me that sounds like a very bad idea, and you would be a lot better off using the standard version from Imperavi, even if it’s more expensive.

Ok! thanks for explain this question, I listen you and buy redactor from imperavi directly.