Redactor 3.1.3

Fixed in 3.1.3:

  • Fix TypeError when Redactor encounters an image without a src
  • Add redactor.allow_data_uris system setting to opt-in to supporting data URIs for images
  • Fix error in Redactor TV on MODX3 [#535]
  • Fix template-specific configuration set not applying in MODX3 [#534]

If you have prior content (i.e. added by another RTE or import) which uses <img src="data:image/....">-type images, this release helps with that.

Redactor by default strips out such src data as a security precaution, given it’s not hard to incorporate scripts that way, i.e. introduce XSS attacks. By enabling the redactor.allow_data_uris system setting, you can tell Redactor to keep those inline images.

(For advanced/Redactor.js users, this new setting toggles the internal imageSrcData property.)