Redactor 3.0.0-rc3

Couple of small fixes for Redactor 3 are now available in rc3:

  • Prevent installation from continuing if server requirements aren’t met
  • Fix autocomplete for links only working in the first redactor instance per page (e.g. in ContentBlocks) [#500]
  • Fix CSS scoping issue for CodeMirror, causing conflict with standalone CodeMirror extension [#503]

We’re pretty close to considering Redactor 3 stable, but unfortunately have identified a rather critical issue in redactor.js that only rears its head when using Redactor inside ContentBlocks. Its usable, but removing lists from Redactor can cause it to remove too much from the page, breaking the entire page in the process and potentially losing content.

The issue at the root of this has been reported to the developers of redactor.js (Imperavi) last week, and we’re hoping they’ll fix it soon. In the meantime, if you’re using Redactor with ContentBlocks, it may be advisable to hold off from upgrading to v3 just yet until we have a fix for this.