Redactor 3.0.0-rc2

The second release candidate for Redactor 3 is now available. Thanks for the bug reports and positive feedback on the new release!

  • Don’t load English translation file to avoid emptying plugin translation strings (alignment, clips) [S21859]
  • Fix z-index issues with the MODX media browser, by not overriding the z-index to make it appear in front of Redactor-built modals but closing the initiating Redactor modal window instead. [S21859]
  • Add support for shift+tab to outdent within lists [B31]
  • Fix replaced images not being saved [B31]
  • Restore fixed toolbar to normal toolbar when opening full screen mode [#492]
  • Split autoparse options in the configurator to a separate tab
  • Add options for resource links: limit to current context, include introtext [S21862]
  • Make directory depth for the simple browser configurable
  • When adding a link, the resource search will now automatically query for the selected text
  • Fix link styles not working correctly with multiple classnames
  • Fix image styles not preselecting current styles when it has multiple classnames

Hi Mark.
I am testing v3 in my local dev-enviroment.
Where do I report bugs?
Is it possible to open tickets?
I found another problem.
I am using codemirror and redactor adds his own codemirror.css
Now there are two scrollbars in the codemirror element. The inner bar doesn’t work. When I delete the first line 165 the problem is solved.
CodeMirror-scroll {
overflow: scroll !important; /* This generates the second bar */

Regards Robert

Hey Robert! Thanks for trying out Redactor 3 :wink:

Typically I’d suggest for reporting issues. You’re also more than welcome to create threads here on the forum, in the Redactor section, but I do prioritise support questions/bug reports via email over the forum so if you come across anything urgent: use the email.

It’d be useful if you can provide a bit more information. I’m assuming you’re using the standalone codemirror extension? Are you seeing the double scrollbar in the Redactor source mode or in places where the codemirror editor is triggered (like editing templates) or both?

Hi Mark,
thanks for the very fast answer. I will switch to email conversation. Should i delete the conversation here in the forum?