Redactor 3.0.0 now considered stable

We :heart: releasing updates, so for Valentine’s day we’re excited to share the first official stable release for Redactor 3.

In this release we fixed the last known issue reported, and add the ability to use a separate configuration set within MIGX TVs.

For new upgrades from Redactor 2, the imported configuration set will also be automatically enabled. We still recommend checking it to ensure it works the way you want to (as not every v2 setting is converted to v3), but this should make it a lot easier and quicker to get started with v3.

Full changelog for this release:

  • Fix error in MODX3 due to strict typing
  • Update to redactor.js v3.3.3; this prevents the editor from breaking when unlisting content. [#502]
  • Automatically enable the imported configuration set when upgrading from v2 [#504]
  • Add the .redactor-editor content style class to the set imported from v2 [S21929]
  • Support custom configuration set to use with MIGX TVs, see: MIGX - modmore documentation [#501]

Changelog for redactor.js v3.3.3:

  • Fixed: When formatting the list, the content is removed if the editor within the list.
  • Fixed: Adding rows and columns to the table is available even if the cursor is not in the table.
  • Improved: XSS sanitize when inserting svg and img.
  • New: Setting source.codemirrorSrc if codemirror is used as a module. (*not exposed in our integration)

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