Redactor 2.0.2 available

John-Paul had a great time dealing with cross-browser flexbox issues for this release, but with Redactor 2.0.2 a number of positioning and breaking-out-of-container bugs have been resolved, related to the Eureka media browser. Aside from that, this release also fixes double mailto: tags when adding an email link and we’ve updated to Redactor.js 10.2.5.

Here’s the full changelog for 2.0.0:

  • Update Redactor.js to 10.2.5 with several bug fixes
  • Fix Eureka growing beyond available size with lots of directories [#367]
  • Fix email links adding double mailto: [#368]
  • Fix Eureka breaking out of the modal [#370]
  • Improve consistency in modal styling [#371]

For information about Redactor 2, have a look at the announcement here. The update to 2.0.2 is now available for all users.