Redactor 2.0.0-rc6 and rc7 available

Typically we don’t release updates over the weekend, but when we do - we make it two!

These two releases are part of the Redactor 2.0 prerelease ahead of the 2.0 stable release. For more information about the 2.0 prerelases, check out the announcement on the blog:

Redactor 2.0.0-rc6

  • Remove searchImages Setting
  • ImagePX Plugin Fix (thanks for the Pull Request YvonneYu)
  • Fix No Eureka on RedactorTVs [#351]
  • Updated Eureka Media Browser localStorage keys to be more specific
  • Allot Media Browser Stage more pixels [#328]
  • Updated Redactor.js to 10.2.3

Redactor 2.0.0-rc7

  • Fix bug introduced in rc6 that prevented editing chunks