"Red" Starter Kit for Commerce 1.1.0

We’ve just released a new version of the “Red” Starter Kit / Theme for Commerce: commercetheme_red-1.1.0-pl.

The Red Starter Kit helps you get going with Commerce quickly! It will install all the required resources, templates and chunks needed to get a shop off the ground in moments, including everything related to customers registering accounts, logging in and out, account dashboard, product categories, product detail pages and more.

There’s a heap of bug fixes, and it includes a new product template for resources using the “Product List” TV, as an alternative option to the Matrix TV. Both types are listed in the related product sections, in categories and pdoResources snippet calls.

Best installed on a fresh MODX install, the new version is available for download on the modmore package provider.

For more information follow the link: "Red" Starter Pack for Commerce • Commerce • modmore.com


  • Add lexicons for system setting name and descriptions [#4]
  • Replace kitten image placeholders with placeholder.com image placeholders [#2]
  • Fix reset password not working. Added new reset password template with snippet call for the resource to use. [#6]
  • Fix registration not redirecting on submit. Add new resource, template and setting. [#5]
  • Add new template for product list TV [#8]
  • Make sure resources with both TV types can be displayed in related, featured, other listings.
  • Update product_tab_show and featured_product TVs to be checkboxes (added input options to the installer)
  • Added rank values to the TVs so they are in a reasonable order when installed
  • Updated footer to show current year
  • Removed Product Foo and replaced it with Product Matrix and Product List resources
  • Updated main.js to handle variation changes and adding to cart for new Product List template
  • Remove unused property in get_cart call in header chunk [S23031]
  • Fix issue confirming registrations in default activate registration template [S23978]