Recommendet search add-on for SimpleCart?

Is SimpleSearch capable of handling a search system for SimpleCart shop? Or better use AdvSearch?

That depends on how you intend do search, and also how big the site/shop is, but generally you can use either of them as products and categories are stored as resources.

For generic searches (searching on titles, introtext and perhaps content) you could work with SimpleSearch, but AdvSearch might be better at filtering based on TV filters and the likes. You could also consider using Solr or ElasticSearch with SimpleSearch, though there’s very little documentation about that.

If ElasticSearch sounds interesting, I’ve also been working on that lately and will hopefully deploy that to later this year for searching through the site, FAQs etc:

Hi Marc,

thanks for your extensive answer. I cant see a big difference between those two search add-ons (SimpleSearch & AdvSearch) and I think the SimpleSearch documentation is also very outdated. There you can still read that TemplateVars aren’t supported.

I’ll have a look at “ElasticSearch” too.