Rebuild content timeout

I have from time to time the problem that it then simply stops when rebuilding the content of a document.

Normally I open the faulty document and save it again. Then I rebuild the content again.

If I have a large page with e.g. 600-800 resources this can be quite tedious. Because then everything has to be rebuilt again and again.

  1. i make a change to a content block element
  2. i start the “rebuild content” function
  3. the function stops at document 575
  4. i open the document 575 and save it
  5. i switch back to contentblocks and start the “rebuild content” function
  6. at document 612 the function stops
    and so on.

A suggestion for improvement would be that it skips the documents that cannot be rebuilt. These documents could then be listed at the end.

Sorry for not responding sooner.

It’s not supposed to exit when it encounters a document it can’t rebuilt; that suggests it may be encountering an unexpected error we need to handle better.

It’s been a while since you posted, but any chance you’ve looked at your PHP/apache error logs for any hint why it stops at certain resources? If you don’t have central logging for those, any errors may only be in the response of the initial request to start the rebuild process.