Rebuild button missing, impossible to update

I have a pretty old installation of CB 1.8.2 and after updating modx to 2.8.3 the rebuild button has gone missing.

The plugin still work and all but sometimes when i play with fields and templates a rebuild is definitely needed. Right now i have to manually re-save all the resources with fields i want updated… which is pretty unconvienient.

Also i think the installation is super broken… I tried to update/reinstall the plugin from the manager but it always ends in one of these 3 scenarios:

  • Some signature error
  • Blank/half loaded/error page
  • Update go through with never versione (1.12 and such) but all saved fields and layouts get purged.

After that i always had to start from a recovery backup…

Is there anyway to call the rebuild command by url or something?
As i stated the whole installation is pretty old and flimsy i have little to no hope of getting it to work properly.

Hi Mauro,

Huh. That’s no good… let’s try to get that sorted.

  • Are you getting any errors in the MODX error log that might be related when attempting to view that page?
  • A page element missing like that normally means there will be an error displayed in your browser console. Could you have a look and see what’s there?
  • Did you manually clear the cache after updating MODX?
  • What version of PHP are you running?

As for the error when updating, could you try again, and click on the “Download Output” button? Then email us at with that attached so we can have a closer look for you. It might be a good idea to also include any errors from above in the same email too.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there.
No idea how or why :smiley: but the problem kinda sorted itself and the button reappered out of nowhere.

My guess is that some browser extension (probably an adblock software) was preventing part of the javascript execution.

Emergency over. Thanks anyway

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Glad to hear you got it sorted, Mauro! :slight_smile:

If it happens again, check the browser console. That should let you know if it’s an extension blocking it, or something else going wrong.