QuickStart Buttons 500

I’ve encountered a Quickstart Buttons issue causing 500 errors on load after migrating a site to a new server. I did try a reinstall but I didn’t want to uninstall and then reinstall for fear of losing the custom data.

I’m seeing this error:

[11-Sep-2017 10:03:06 America/Chicago] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getMany() on null in /www/core/components/quickstartbuttons/model/quickstartbuttons/dashboardwidget.class.php on line 5

Any chance the error message was cut off and it says line 58?

If so, the problem is that it can’t load the button set. Perhaps that wasn’t migrated along?

Yes. It was. I missed that copying and pasting from terminal.

Is the button set on the filesystem? The tables are there.