Proposal new function for ContentBlocks (Show / Hide Element)

Hi Mark

some customers have worked with Contato or other CMS solutions before working with MODX and ContentBlocks.

CMS Contao works in a similar way. You can also add elements (Text/Images). With Contao, however, you also have the option of hiding / show a single element.

You can currently delete and create new elements on a MODX page. But you don’t have the possibility to hide an element.

It can be very practical, for example, if you prepare a text but do not want to publish it yet.
Maybe it is also a need for other ContentBlocks users. It would be a suggestion for improvement.

Just an idea. Maybe you like the idea? i don’t know how complicated it is to program, but it would probably be an improvement.


It hasn’t been built yet, but I’m like 95% sure this will be in 2.0 :slight_smile: