productstock_tvname and productimage_tvname missing


I just installed SimpleCart 2.3.0 on MODx 2.4.2. I got immediately stuck while defining the the productstock_tvname. I simply can’t find it. The productstock_tvname key is missing as well as the productimage_tvname.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like it’s not adding those by default - I’ve logged an issue for it in our tracker (#48) and we’ll get those added in an upcoming release.

In the mean time you can just create them manually with keys simplecart.productstock_tvname and simplecart.productimage_tvname, and they’ll be picked up automatically.

Hi @imig: upon further investigation it looks like these are not included automatically because they are meant for backwards compatibility when upgrading from SimpleCart v1.

In v2, that information is stored in the scProductMeta objects (modx_simplecart_productsmeta table), so you shouldn’t need them in the current release.

Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks @mhamstra for clarification. I just had a look at the db structure and you are absolutely right, not needed anymore! Thanks again…