Products - Can't save resource groups


I am having a problem restricting users to resource groups. When I tick the checkbox and save then return to my product I notice that it hasn’t saved it to that resource group. Seems a bit strange - has anyone else had this issue?

I am running Simple cart 2.2.15.

Hi Ally!

Step one would definitely be to upgrade to 2.3, you’re missing a ton of bug fixes. See the changelog at for the fixes you’re missing. To migrate your license to our systems, please visit

Unfortunately I can still reproduce the resource group issue on the latest release, so we’ll need to look into that further. I’ve logged the issue in our internal bug tracker and will let you know when we sort that one out.

Thanks Mark -Thats great I will upgrade and keep an eye out for the fix.

Hi @rebornmedia - this is fixed in 2.3.3, which will be out later today.

Awesome - Thanks - @mhamstra. I will have a very happy client!