Product Options setup

Hi there,

I have been wrangling with the Product Matrix, and although in the backed it’s very simple to use, I’m really struggling with the front end.

What I want to do seems quite simple, but I can’t make it happen.

So I have a Tshirt which is in 3 sizes and 2 colours.
I want a Dropdown for Size and a Dropdown for Colour.

When the dropdowns are selected, the stock level for that option (e.g. Small, Black) will update.
Also the image will update to the correct colour Tshirt.

There’s no way I can see to link images to the matrix (unlike the Product TV which allows you to upload an image).

I did find a script to break out the dropdowns into two here, but it’s not quite right, because if I change the first option (colour), the second one (size) resets to small.

I’m just wondering if I can do this a different way, and use standard product TVs with custom fields for the second option perhaps?

If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.
Although I’m pretty good with my understanding of Modx, I’m still finding it really hard to impliment.

There is - if you click on an individual product that still has the usual image field for products.

This is also possible, with either the ItemData or ItemOptions modules. For the ItemOptions approach you could set up 2 Product List TVs where the second one are the “modifiers”.

Right OK thanks Mark.
I didn’t think to look in the Commerce Dashboard for the products!

Presumably if I need to use stock control though, I will have to keep going with the product Matrix?

It’s also accessible from the matrix itself - just click in a cell to open the resource product editing.

If you need to manage stock of each individual combination, then yes.

ha… No idea how i didn’t see that! Thanks.