Problem with add product to cart (Red Theme and Base Install)


i will test Commerce for a litle Website. I got a poblem with add Product

  1. Add Foo-Test-Product to cart doesnt work
    Product Foo - MODX Revolution
    Install without any Problems

  2. See a Problem in LOGs, but it didnt helped me :frowning:

[2022-02-18 20:01:06] (ERROR @ /is/htdocs/wp13785798_XTOZR1X71H/www/suederhafen-page/core/xpdo/om/xpdoquery.class.php : 770) Encountered empty IN condition with key id
[2022-02-18 20:01:06] (ERROR @ /is/htdocs/wp13785798_XTOZR1X71H/www/suederhafen-page/core/xpdo/om/xpdoobject.class.php : 240) Error 42000 executing statement:
[0] => 42000
[1] => 1064
[2] => You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘)’ at line 1

anay Idears?

That error is resolved in the upcoming 1.2.6 release – Murray just fixed that a few days ago! :slight_smile:

When using the Starter Pack, please make sure to start with the getting started instructions on this page - roughly half-way down under “Installation & Getting Started”. I think you may not have enabled the theme yet, causing it not to render the products dropdown.

If you can’t get it working after following those getting started instructions, let me know.