Problem to add file with Redactor


I try to add files on content part with Redactor, via the button File:
If I want to use the “Drop files here or click to upload” , the file is well uploaded, in good place, but the url of the file is not good: I only have the baseUrl, but no filename…
If I use the modx browser (inside Redactor) or Simple Browser, all is fine

I’m on modx 3.0.3 and Redactor 3.1.6

Do you have an idea?

Maybe with picture, it’easier to understand :slight_smile:

That’s odd, perhaps it failed to upload but the error isn’t being handled in the way it usually is.

I am able of reproducing this problem, but only when using the Google Drive Media Source which I kinda assume you’re not using and is a separate issue. On a standard filesystem source, it is working fine here.

Can you confirm your media source configuration please?

Yes, it’s the default filesystem:

What I didn’t say, but I don’t think it’s linked. I’m in a multicontext situation for a multilanguage site