Print a shipping label for each command


I have a new customer for building a Commerce MODX website \o/
But he has a special need : he absolutely want to be able to print easily a shipping label for each command.
I didn’t found any connector with shipping companies on the Commerce documentation and it’s maybe a little bit tricky to doing this.
My customer talked me about
It’s a meta shipping website which permit to select the best shipping way within a lots of international express delivery services.
Upela makes available lots of connectors for Prestashop, WooCommerce etc… but obviously not for MODX
They also give an API and a php connector :

Do you think a Commerce connector could be useful ?
If yes, I’m interested to get a quote and an approximate delay to implement it to Commerce.

Thanks !

I’m not sure why I didn’t respond to this earlier - perhaps I missed the notification. Apologies.

Yes something like that would be great to make available. At the moment I have a shipping method available which also provides shipping labels, but that’s mostly useful in the Netherlands/Belgium.

SendGrid is a similar service quite a few people have asked me about which I believe is more global.

Unfortunately I’m not currently in a position to take on freelance work, but perhaps someone like @tonyklapatch or @digitalpenguin can provide you an estimate if you still need it.

Thank for your answer Mark :slight_smile:

This connector with Upela will be necessary before the end the year, when the shop will work well.
I really think it’s a useful connector to make shops build with Commerce more attractive.

I’m still interested by a quote for this job :slight_smile:
@tonyklapatch or @digitalpenguin : are interested ?

Murray recently joined the modmore team so he can now also be contracted through modmore to build official extensions.

Does it have to be Upela or would they also be happy with a different service to handle the shipping in a similar way? I think Sendcloud (… not sendgrid, oops :grimacing:) might be better suited for an official extension because it has a wider/more international reach and we’ve actually had multiple requests for that one… would they be happy with that?

Needing it by the end of the year does give enough time to get it done, even if the client really wants to use Upela.

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Sendcloud seams very similar to Upela.
However, I found the Upela website maybe better than Sendcloud for two reasons :

  • I don’t find any billing plan on Upela, while Sendcloud yes, very easily ! I think Upela is earning money by the shipping company as business provider
  • it’s very efficient to compare the cost for a shipping all around the world (and also on the website without registration) : This choice is very interesting for a customer during the order process.

But Upela only has 15 shipping company, while Sendloud has 25…

But I’m OK for Sendcloud extension if you think it’s the best choice for the modmore community :slight_smile:
I think is a good compromise for my current customer.

Edit : after check a little bit more, Upela is free even with a professional account, while the first Sendcloud plan is $40/month…

Why create a business account on Upela?

Creating a business account on Upela is totally free of charge. Our business account entitles you to negotiated discounts for shipping your parcels with our partner transporters FedEx, DHL and UPS: we propose preferential rates of up to -75% less than the public prices!

The advantages of the business account on Upela

With an Upela business account, you have (free) access to our range of services designed for the corporate world, to facilitate your shipping approaches (import, export, returns) every day. In addition to our preferential rates for professionals, we suggest that you benefit from an address book to manage your shipments, the deferred payment of your shipments, the setting up of repetitive tasks, as well as a return and import tool (which automatically generates a prepaid shipping form), or mass shipments for deliveries of single products or samples etc.

I talk about sendgrid to my customer and after some comparisons, he really prefer Upela and it is OK to pay for a Upela extension for Commerce.
Is someone can make me a quote and a delay to make it functional ?
You can mail me on hedy.dargere -at- or private message if you prefer or need more information about the needs.

Thanks :slight_smile: