Price Types and Usergroups

I’m glad to see price type for usergroups this has helped a lot as I have a client who wants to be able to show trade and retail prices.

Question though how do I show the RRP (ie non trade price) and then also show the trade price.

I have looked through the docs and tried commerce.render_taxed_price snippet and this shows the non retail price when I am not logged in as a trade customer, but then shows the trade price when I am logged in. I want to be able to show the RRP as well as the trade - how can I achieve this?

The default price, unaffected by taxes or any price types, is always available in the [[+regular_price_formatted]] placeholder.

The [[+price_formatted]] placeholder will show the current price, unaffected by taxes but still taking into account basic price types (i.e. sale, but not user/usergroup/quantity).

[[+price_rendered]] will render the price_formatted in a before/after-style price view.

The commerce.render_taxed_price snippet will process all price types and also include taxes. I also have an open feature request to make it possible to show the regular price inclusive of taxes, which is not currently available.

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