Possible to have more than one price point for a product?

I have the situation that a product could have various attributes that affect the product price. These attributes could be size, or color. Each attribute would have its own serial number.

I was thinking of having the admin be able to add an attribute, serial number, price to each product via MIGX. I would then on the frontend side read these out and for each attribute there would be a quantity field and an “add to cart” button. What I want to avoid is having to add a product for each price point.

How would this be able to work with Simple Cart? Or would there be a better solution? In Simple Cart each resource / product only has one price , correct?

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SimpleCart has a special Product Options TV for that, which in Bert’s words are “a piece of cookie”: https://www.modmore.com/simplecart/documentation/frontend/products/options/

It doesn’t allow you to specify a different SKU for different variations, but it does let you increase the price per variation.

I don’t think it would be possible to hook up a MIGX TV to the checkout process in SimpleCart.

My issue is that these settings would need to be variable for each product and not system-wide. The content editor would need to be able to create and assign them on a product level. I am not sure about giving the content editor access to TVs.

I don’t see how that would be a problem with the Product Options TV. You would just create one TV for them, and they would fill it with the different variations when editing a product.

Ok, then. But no way to extend it to for a 3rd field? attr, serial number, price ?

There’s already a field to add the price (though technically it’s price add - so an extra on top of the base price).

But no, not yet configurable beyond that. Making it more configurable in different ways is already on our list (issues 52, 40, 31 and 30) and probably something we’ll focus on for 2.5.

What about grouping the resources in a parent -> child relationship, whereby the children are variations? So each child can have its own serial number. In the frontend then, I would search for children and if they exist, output a form for each variation.

That could work. Just need to make sure the child resources are SimpleCart Product resources.