PayPal Gateway amount_total


I have a problem with the formatting of the total, when the total exceeds one thousand euro:

if core/components/simplecart_paypal/paypal.class.php on line 18
$total = number_format($this->order->get(‘total’), 2, ‘.’, ‘,’);
retur 2,110.60 paypal SANDBOX turns it into 2,00 USD

else if i change $total = number_format($this->order->get(‘total’), 2, ‘.’, ‘,’); to $total = number_format($this->order->get(‘total’), 2, ‘.’, ‘’); total becomes 2110.60 an paypal sandbox shows the correct amount.

It may be due to the configuration of my paypal test accounts?

Hi @PMedusa, sounds like a bug in the gateway and the fix you mention is pretty much the way I’d look to fix that :smile: I’ve logged this in our public tracker for the PayPal gateway at and will push out a new release of the gateway soon.

Hi Mark,

also paypal documentation is wrong -> link :confused:

For example, EUR 2.000,00 must be specified as 2000.00 or 2,000.00. The specified amount should not exceed any per transaction amount limits for the currency used.

Hi @PMedusa, I’ve just pushed a 1.1.5 release of the gateway that fixes this issue. Let me know if you encounter any other issues!

Thank you again Mark