PayPal for SimpleCart 1.1.6

(Mark Hamstra) #1

We’ve just released version 1.1.6 of the PayPal gateway for SimpleCart. This release fixes an issue with transactions over €1000 being incorrectly charged at €1. Thank you Leif for reporting this issue and working with us in identifying where this went wrong.

(Martin Gartner) #2

Hi Mark,

version 1.1.6 doesn’t appear in package manager.


(Mark Hamstra) #3

It’s definitely there! If you’re not seeing it as an update, you can find it in the package browser by either searching for paypal, or navigating to Free Extras > All Free Extras, it’s on page 2.

(Martin Gartner) #4

Hmm… it doesn’t show as an update for the installed 1.1.5.

(Mark Hamstra) #5

Have you tried searching for it in the package browser?