Payment method mollie is not working


I have a problem with Simplecart. When I put a product in the shopping cart and click on checkout, the checkout page appears. Fill in the fields and select Mollie (installed via installer with test api key). When I click on checkout again, an empty thank you page will appear.

In the log of the order, by mollie there is “no method selected”. In the error log of modx it says:

Wat is missing or going wrong?

Mordx error log:

[2019-03-25 22:30:09] (ERROR @ /paas/c0573/www/core/components/simplecart/controllers/web/Order.class.php : 615) Order is NOT verified {“id”:35,“user_id”:null,“confirmation_id”:53,“delivery_method”:1,“payment_method”:3,“coupon”:0,“ordernr”:“2”,“total”:22,“totals”:{“products”:1,“freeproducts”:0,“coupons”:0,“price”:22,“price_ex_vat”:22,“absprice”:22,“absprice_ex_vat”:22,“discount”:0,“discount_percent”:0,“delivery”:0,“payment”:0,“vat_total”:0,“vat_prices”:[],“price_ex_coupon”:22,“price_ex_coupon_ex_vat”:22,“default_price”:0,“default_price_ex_vat”:0,“default_absprice”:0,“default_absprice_ex_vat”:0,“default_vat_total”:0,“default_vat_prices”:[]},“status”:“new”,“changed”:false,“changedtime”:null,“created”:“2019-03-25 22:30:09”,“async_payment_confirmation”:false,“confirmation_sent”:false,“doOrder”:“true”,“checkout”:“Afrekenen!”}

Does the checkout show the different payment options Mollie offers (like iDeal/Sofort/etc)? If not, I’d guess the API Key you entered in the gateway options probably isn’t right.

Thnx for your quick reply. No, the page is blank and no different payment options Mollie offers are shown. I am gonna check the API key.

There was something wrong with the api key. So the problem is solved now. Thnx!!

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