Payment Gateways


Just wanted to know if a user pays for goods/services via Stripe or PayPal (depending on plan) does integration allow them to pay directly from the site?


Hi Fonzy,

Yes, with our Stripe/PayPal (or other payment gateways) people are prompted to pay online to confirm their order.

In the case of the Stripe integration that happens directly on your site (using the stripe javascript bridge), whereas with PayPal the user is redirected to PayPal to login. The and Mollie gateways also redirect to off-site payment pages.

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the information.

I notice with PayPal Advanced or Pro it offers the ability to pay directly on site. Are you also redirected to PayPal to login?



I do know PayPal has some product offerings that can handle the checkout directly on your website, however the PayPal gateway for SimpleCart makes use of the Express Checkout APIs, which only has the redirect approach.

I’ve not used advanced or pro personally, but if you’d like to, you could develop a new gateway for SimpleCart that uses Advanced or Pro to handle transactions on-site, but you’ll probably want to dive into the PCI DSS compliance requirements that come with such approaches. That’s the reason I would personally advise against on-site payments unless they’re done in a way that your server doesn’t have access to the credit card details, like with Stripe.

Hi Again,

Thanks, really useful information, clarifies things nicely.

Looks like Stripe may well be the way to go at this stage. Meant to ask earlier, can you offer both Stripe & PayPal as payment options at the same time at the checkout stage?

Are there any further payment gateways in the pipeline for SimpleCart?

Yeah you can have more than one in use at the same time, so you can use them all if you want :smiley:

We don’t have any new gateways lined up yet, though I’ve been looking into SagePay as we got several requests for that. If you have any others in mind you’d like to see, do let us know!

Thanks Mark,

Appreciate the response.