Paragraphize vs. Paragraphy

Hi all,
I’m confused after reading this page []. What is the difference between paragraphize and paragraphy? The descriptions seem remarkably similar. Is one just a newer version of the other?

On a related note, I have a group of users who have to update a table regularly. Anytime they paste content into the table it gets wrapped in <p> tags, throwing off the formatting of the table. I gather this is a function of one of these two settings. Setting paragraphize to “off” is not a workable solution, since it seems to eliminate the use of <p> tags completely in favour of <br>, a less than optimal solution from an accessibility perspective. Do you have any suggestions?

They are indeed the same. Paragraphy is what it used to be called, paragraphize is the new name for it. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated the configuration page to only refer to the new one.

Paragraphy should not be the cause for that particular pasting issue I think. It suspect it might be a case where they are copying a block rather than an inline element, causing Redactor to try to preserve that block even inside the table.