Packing Slip for Commerce v1.1

v1.1.0-pl of the Packing Slip extension for Commerce is now available. This release fixes a couple of bugs and replaces some deprecated functionality with their replacement, which will allow a smoother upgrade to Commerce 1.1 which cleans up deprecated code.

Thanks Tony Klapatch for providing 2 of the fixes in this release.

  • Make sure the Commerce::EVENT_DASHBOARD_ORDER_ITEM_DETAIL event is fired so additional order item information is shown
  • Replace deprecated (and as of v1.1 removed) Commerce::EVENT_DASHBOARD_GET_PAGES event with Commerce::EVENT_DASHBOARD_INIT_GENERATOR
  • Make transactions available in the template [#2]
  • Fix shipping address being used in default template instead of billing address [#1]
  • Use lexicon for the “Print packing slip” action button