Order functionality, and dependence on extras


Just a couple questions:

  1. I can’t tell if SimpleCart will allow an order-only setup. My client doesn’t have a merchant account yet but wants to setup a cart for ordering functionality, then later add the custom payment method. Can it be done?

  2. I notice that the demo has Simplecart using Content Blocks. Is SimpleCart dependent on content blocks or any other of the modmore extras?


Oh and another question. I see that on the demo there is a Product Stock column but no editable value in the Product Information section. Does this support inventory? Can a product be automatically removed if its stock reaches zero?

Thanks again.

Hi John,

  1. Sorry but I can not help you

  2. No, SimpleCart doesn’t depend on other modmore extra

  3. You can find the stock field on parameters tab of product, you can hide the product on front-end through an Output filter on [[+product_stock]] in the tpl used on getResources call, example [[+product_stock::is=0:or:is=:then=:else=html structure to show product]].

I hope others can give you all the answers you are looking for

Thanks @PMedusa for pitching in, good to see people helping each other :wink:

@jcamachott regarding question 1, there’s a built-in payment method called “Bank Transfer” that will mark the order as paid and let the customer continue. That can be used to simulate placing orders without receiving payments.

Thanks folks for the responses!