Option to disable the drag&drop image upload and upload from URL


there is a way/option to disable the:

  • drag and drop upload of the image
  • the “import” of an image from the URL

In fact, our user makes excessive use of this option.
The consequence is that the users are unable to manage all files on the server. For this reason, we wish to disable this 2 functions if possible.

Have somebody already tried that? on the documentation, we haven’t found anything.

Thx to the community

I don’t think this is possible at the moment :frowning:

I’d be interested in hearing more about “making excessive use of this option” - do you literally mean users upload too much images? :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed there’s no way to do that currently, unless you’d make your own input type. I’ve logged an issue in our tracker (#459) to add a way to enable/disable specific ways of choosing/uploading images for future consideration.

Hehe nice one @mhamstra,

Yes, we have a lot of people that literally upload images as “compulsory reflex” and we know that in one year this image/files should be updated with the new one, sometimes from another user.

So to help this teams, we wish to force them to use the file manager and structure his upload logically (by category, theme, events,…) so that we can:

  • reduce the garbage of files on the server
  • implements some shared media source between a couple of websites
  • know if a file can be safely deleted

Are you surprise from this reflection ? do you have some suggestions fo us?

How you getting on with this Sam?

I have put together a plugin that, for certain MODX User Groups:

  • Turns off certain CB buttons (such as delete field, upload from url, add new layout or anything you want providing it has a unique css class name)
  • Turns off the drag and drop functionality

Would you be interested in testing it?

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hi @jonleverrier

of cours I’m interested in testing if possible

if it’s a public plugin you can share a repo/gist? otherwise you can PM me :wink:

Hi @webmasterunifr - have a look at:


Hi i’d rather see an option that wil let me define a variable upload path. similar to Redactor.
so i can set uploads to [[+year]]/[[+month]]/[[+user]]/[[+template variable]]/

You can already do that @Rdg. Works the same as in Redactor, same options. Either set it on the field or in the relative url settings.

+1 on choosing which upload/selection options are available. Even with structured upload paths based on resource id etc the file structure becomes a mess on ‘bigger’ websites :slight_smile: