On Editor Usage

Hello and thank you for providing a forum. Perhaps someone will be able to answer my questions:

Generally, where can a Redactor end-user find instruction? Documentation at both Imperavi and modmore seems to be written with developers in mind, understandably. As streamlined as the editor interface is, means to accomplish some tasks are not apparent.

Specifically, how does one reliably close a focused element (a, ol, ul, table) to begin a new one without resorting to source view? Effectiveness of pressing return, down arrow key, or inserting the cursor in a new area is inconsistent.

Also without resorting to source view, is it possible to add id attributes or named anchors for navigation within page content? Enabling linkAnchor setting presents only half a solution.

Aside from these mysteries and some unexpected quirks transitioning v1 to v2, nice work!

Hi lens, thanks for finding our forum and sharing your thoughts!

Our own documentation is definitely geared towards the people implementing the editor in MODX. One of the tricky parts of providing a full end-user documentation (aside from the obvious time and priorities questions), is that we encourage users to tweak the experience for their users depending on the skills and needs.

I’m not even going into the Imperavi docs, as those are about Redactor.js II 1.0, while Redactor for MODX 2.0 uses Redactor.js I 10.2, for which documentation has been demoted to a pdf download :stuck_out_tongue:

Some time ago @sottwell send us a draft of an editors guide she made for Redactor. If she says it’s okay I would be happy to post that here, though that was written before we released 2.0 so (at least the copy I have) is a little bit outdated.

To try and answer your specific questions…

To leave block level tags (ol, ul, blockquote, pre etc), you will need to hit enter/return twice. The first time it will create a new line within the block, but the second time it will break out of it. For inline tags you would use the arrows. For tables you can reach the end of the line with the arrow tags, followed by enter.

With advanced attributes you get the ability to enter IDs on certain elements (images and links) that can be used as anchors, with the linkAnchor exposing a way to look to an anchor.

Hope that helps. If you’re still being troubled by mysteries and quirks from the upgrade to 2.0, be sure to let us know here on the forum or via support@modmore.com, we would be glad to help figure those out.

This is helpful and appreciated.

I can see how, like Modx, end-user documentation will depend on the specific options in place. Explanation of those options in modmore configuration pages is usually sufficient. I am surprised that as the original provider, Imperavi has no better reference available. Even a link to the pdf you mention is not exposed.

I will experiment with the techniques you describe here. Conditions leading to quirks encountered so far have not been repeatable, but I’m sure to report as soon as that changes.