Nice-to-have Feature-Request: getShippingPrice-Snippet

Hi modmore-team,
my client had a wish, so that on the Product-Detail-Page, to get and show the shipping price of the current product. Because that shop is shipping heavy stuff, the shipping prices can be higher than expected, so it would be nice to show the user the corresponding shipping price (that is dependable on the weight in my example) before he presses “add to cart”.

As my client decided to have free shipping now and include the shipping-fees inside the complete product-price, this isn’t necessary anymore (right now). But as I imagine that a future shop-client could have the same thought, I still want to share this idea.

A snippet where I provide the weight (and maybe optionally also/or the country) of the product to get the shipping price would be interesting for that.

Just mentioning it and storing it here for future look-ups :wink:

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