Next Step / http(s) Problem


I have a problem with Formalicious not going to the next step.
I guess it has something to do with <form action="http://… in the html output while the site has https.
server_protocol is set to https, cache cleared…

Any ideas?

Is the site_url hard coded with http in the context settings perhaps?

I’m assuming it’s generating the url from that which usually adapts dynamically. If the site is behind a proxy (like cloudflare) that can make MODX think it’s running on http but that shouldn’t only affect formalicious.

Hi Mark,
no, nothing hard coded and no proxy as far as I can see (I did not setup the system).

I solved it quick and dirty for now with
$(‘form’).each(function() {
this.action = this.action.replace(“http:”, “https:”);

Will have a closer look when I have more time.