New Extra Now Available: Dashbored 1.0.0-pl

A new free extra is now available via the modmore package provider: Dashbored!

Dashbored is a collection of useful, fun, and stylish Dashboard widgets for MODX 3.x+. Never again will you feel bored when on your Dashboard. :wink:
First shown during Mark Hamstra’s talk at MODXpo 2022, Dashbored consists of six widgets and they can be used in any combination.

Widgets included:

  • Weather
  • Daily Quotes
  • The Chromium Dino Game
  • News Feed
  • SiteDash Audit
  • SiteDash Extended Monitoring

Each widget has it’s own configuration window that can be accessed via the widget title bar. Users can personalize their own widgets with custom background images and videos, and adjust settings to get the widget content displayed in the format they prefer.
Users can compete with each other to get the highest score in the Chromium Dino Game, with the top 10 scores displayed in the high scores window.

Read more about it in the documentation: Dashbored - modmore documentation