Multi Restaurant Food Store

For a concept like or, can simplecart along with other MODx extra be used to serve food online orders that are paid for on delivery or pickup (no online card payment)? I’m thinking restaurants can serve as brands with their menu list as Product Category, products as product item. Any thoughts? Thanks

In this particular case I’m not sure if can it? is the right question to ask, but should it? might be more appropriate. I’m sure you can bend SimpleCart to do that, and it has a dummy gateway that you can use to skip the payments, but you’re probably looking at a highly customised checkout experience for a project like that, and SimpleCart is not the easiest to extend currently. For a project like this I might be more inclined to recommend waiting a couple of months for Commerce to become ready to use in production, which should be able of adapting much easier.

Thanks mhamstra. Thank you for the great advice.