Move TVs above the ContentBlock area : possible?

I’m new user with ContentBlock and I have a cosmetic question about Form Customization.

I have a TV named Subtitle.
I ideally want it just under the pagetitle field, but for now, it appear under the ContentBlock area, which is not ergonomic at all for my customer.

I’m looking for a way to move it at least above the ContentBlock area, as it is usually possible to do with Form Customization when ContentBlock is disabled.

Do you thing it’s possible, and how ?

Hi @Spheerys,

first of all I’d recommend reverting the setting to put the TVs at the bottom.
In the system-settings search for tvs_below_content and disable it.

You have two ways in my opinion:

  1. Re-enable the “Long Title” field, and via Form-Customization (FC) rename it to “Subtitle”.
  2. Via FC you re-position your TV inside that area at the top.

In both cases, go ahead and create a FC profile & set (for “Create & Edit Action”).
Inside your set you can re-label the native fields:

To re-position your TV, inside your set go to the tab “Template Variables” and set a new area:

You probably want it inside modx-resource-main-left, so its in the top area (red in screen):

If you need it to be under the Title-field and you don’t use the Long-Title-Field,
then just re-label it (green in the screenshot)!

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Thanks @sebastian-marinescu :slight_smile:
I already tried to use longtitle renamed with FC, but the point is the hover tooltip is still the longtitle field, and the final customer would be a little bit confusing by it (OK I’m a little bit perfectionist, but MODX got me used to it :smiley: )

Furthermore, my issue concern also ContentBlock.
It’s look like a bug : when CB is enable, the TV can’t be moved before the CB area (or I didn’t find the way).
Without CB, I can easily move it before the traditional Content area with FC.

Do you see what I mean ?

@Spheerys, please try the 2nd option:

Via FC you re-position your TV inside that area at the top

And set your TV into the area “modx-resource-main-left”.

This is working in my test:

Hummm I have something wrong in my configuration, because in your screenshoot the CB area is inside the Content area.
In my case, the CB area is inside the modx-resource-main-left area.
The Content area title is not appearing as you can see (don’t matter of the arrows, just look under the Summary field) :

I’m looking for solved this. I’m sure my issue is coming from this stuff…

@Spheerys hm, interesting…

Can you check your contentblocks.canvas_position system-setting?

For me it says “block” and I currently assume that you have “tab1” there.

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That’s it !
Pssffiouuuu I set it to inherit when I start to develop with CB and I forget it !
I can now move my TVs where I want (hahahaha) !

Thanks a lot ! I

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Nice! :rocket:

Have fun creating your perfect custom form :wink:

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There is also a hidden region ‘modx-content-above’ (and ‘modx-content-below’) to put a template variable in.


Nice tip !
Are these hidden regions are documented somewhere ?
In the same way, it could be useful to be able to move a TV between pagetitle and longtitle (for example) within FC

I don’t think that it is possible to place a TV between both fields.

@Spheerys You can try to use custom CSS to reposition the fields :wink:
Or you can disable all fields in the main-left area except the pagetitle via FC: then you can re-create your inputs with TVs and position them how you like :+1:

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Yes I know, I recreate generally the fields :slight_smile: It’s not a specific need for now.
Just an idea to improve and make the form customization more and more flexible :slight_smile:

Because playing with CSS reposition is not a peace of cake with all the div, and re-create the fields looks like a workaround when you just need to interleave a field within existent ones!