MoreGallery and Languages (Babel) [solved]

I have a Website with MoreGallery pages with two languages. The German pages stores the images. The English pages are only for translations. This works fine on the normal pages.

But: I have an overview page, created with getResources. In the template of each item I have a moreGallery call to load the cover image. To load the cover image on the English website, I have a BabelLink call. This loads the image inside the MoreCallery Link (See Screenshot below.)

But if I load the page the the page stays blank. If I remove the BabelLink it works. It seams that the BabelLink will not work correctly inside getResourses Link.

Ok, this is not MoreGallery related, but: Is there an other possibility to store MoreGallery pages multilingual? Or how you handle multiple languages with MoreGallery?

Oh man, why so complicated. I just need to replace the BabelLink call with the BabelTranslation call. Now the &resource parameter looks like this
&resource=[[BabelTranslation? &resourceId=[[+id]] &contextKey=web]]
And it works.