MoreGallery 1.3.6 available with several bug fixes

Thanks to your bug reports and support tickets, we’ve got another MoreGallery release for you: 1.3.6-pl!

This release includes a number of bug fixes, most notably an issue introduced in 1.3.5 that would prevent uploading images that have uppercased extensions, and new crops will now use the same format/extension as the source image rather than always being transformed into PNGs.

Here’s the full changelog for 1.3.6:

  • Make sure the memory limit is consistently increased when generating crops [S6583]
  • Fix case sensitive extension check to be case insensitive [#134]
  • Fix undefined variable error and broken image_count wrapper placeholder in mgGetImages
  • Make sure description field is big enough when rich text is disabled [#128]
  • Fix background of crops preview with transparent images
  • Fix unnecessary hardcoded PNG format for crops, now only used when source image is png as well

More information about MoreGallery can be found here.