More than one Formalicious form on a single page?

Hi folks,

Is it possible to have more than one Formalicious form on the same page?

I am testing this and have the following:

  • form-1
  • form-2

form-1 uses a math-captcha field

When form-2 is submitted, the validation occurs on form-1, where the math-captcha field is blank and so the submission fails.

The form elements are properly nested and the submit buttons are within their relevant forms.

Is this a limitation or am I missing something?

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts,


That would typically handled by setting a different &submitVar per form but I’m not sure if Formalicious doesn’t set that or if something else is going on. It might require setting a custom &formTpl.

Many thanks for the reply Mark.

The button tag in the &formTpl contains the following attributes:

name="[[!+submitVar]]" value="[[!+submitVar]]"

These look like they’re correctly populated for the two forms:

name="form_submit_1" value="form_submit_1"
name="form_submit_2" value="form_submit_2"

So I think Formalicious is taking care of that - but the problem still exists.

Something is telling me that it’s the Math field that’s causing the issue here.

I’ll do some more testing.

Thanks again for your thoughts.