Missing toolbar button

My client is complaining that sometimes he is missing some toolbar buttons.
I can’t seem to replicate the issue. Is there something I can check?

Hi @jasasoft, we’ve not had any similar reports so I’m not quite sure what to suggest. If you get any more information from the client about what they’re seeing and how to reproduce it, please let us know.

I’ve just had a call from a client who is experiencing the same issue. It happens when he uses Chrome. There are several TVs which use Redactor and until you start scrolling down you don’t see the toolbar.

Checked backend in Firefox and Redactor works fine, just seems to occur in Chrome.

Attached image where toolbar appears after scrolling and second before when toolbar does not appears.

I’m assuming those TVs are in a separate tab?

ExtJS hides tab contents using offsets, which may cause Redactor to calculate a wrong position for the fixed toolbar. When you scroll, it recalculates that positioning and shows it again.

Is that Redactor 2 or Redactor 3 with the Redactor 2 theme?

Yep the TVs are in a separate tab. This is Redactor 2 and MODX 2.7.3

Unfortunately, as Redactor 3 has been out for over 6 months, we’re no longer expecting to release any Redactor 2 updates except perhaps a security update if that’s needed.

I’ve just checked my local environment with v3 and those toolbars are showing up in the TV tab as expected without scrolling (Chrome on Mac).