mgGetImages &offset

I must be doing something wrong; docs say;


    Indicates starting at what index the results should be returned (primarily used for paginating results).

When i use !mgGetImages? &offset=3 nothing happens, still got the first image.

<ul class="row gallery-list has-center">
                                [[!mgGetImages? &offset=`3` &imageTpl=`huisje-afb`]]

and huisje-afb chunk

<li class="col-sm-6">
                                    <a class="fancybox" data-fancybox-group="group" href="[[+file_url]]" title="[[+name]]">
                                        <span class="img-holder">
                                            <img src="[[+file_url:phpThumbsUp=`w=750&h=450&zc=1&q=60`]]" height="750" width="450" alt="[[+name]]">
                                        <span class="caption">
                                            <span class="centered">
                                                <strong class="title">[[+name]]</strong>
                                                <span class="sub-text">[[+description]]</span>

You will also need to set a limit when using offset (even if it’s a really high limit). Guess we should add that to the docs :wink:

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That works. Thanx Mark.