Memory limit error on trying to add product - solved

Hello everyone,
My was getting this weird error when trying to add a new product:

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

So I asked her to ask the hosting company for more and she did - that didn’t help.
Now we are getting an internal server error.
I already tried moving the website to another server, update modx to 2.5.0 and reinstall simplecart 2.4.2.

Do you have any suggestions how to solve this or how to debug it further?

Hm, adding a product is not a very memory heavy process. It’s just creating some database records.

Perhaps you have a plugin acting on save that is getting stuck in a loop for some reason? There could be clues in the MODX error log as well as the PHP error log.

Thanks mark, it was the tinymce plugin…
I deactivated it and the problem is gone.