Media source for a additonal context

May be this isn’t an issue of redactor but in the moment for me it seems so.
The setting: using XRouting (1.4.1) and redactor (2.2.0-pl) and for the frontend everything is fine. In my multiple context backend the images are not shown for a context with another domain than the manager is running (sounds to use the redactor.baseurls_mode, but there is no solution - for me).
A brief view into the html in the backend editor shows me the reason: the src-url ist prepend with the base_url (in one case this a virtual subfolder) or in another case with base_url and not with an absolute url of the selected mediasource.

I guess the problem is a mix of both plugins.
Any hints, Mark?

Greeting from Berlin,

That indeed has to do with the baseurls_mode setting as well as your media source configuration. As it very much depends on your setup, I’d recommend shooting us an email via with more details or a login, and then we can recommend how to set it up so it works as it should in all contexts.