Large modx_commerce_order_shipment table


today I saw that the modx_commerce_order_shipment table of one project become very large. Over 200.000 entries. I check the content and see, that before a order will be complied a couple of entries will be written to database. Sometimes 5 to 10 entries with the same price, tax, … but without an order id. If the user go to checkout and entered an address, there will be a final entry with order id.

On another project I can observe the same.

What is the best way to handle this “problem”? Can I delete all entries without an order id? Or exists something like a “garbage collector” that I doesn’t know?

You can safely remove those without an order id - those will be regenerated if they’re still needed. Ideally it wouldn’t persist shipments to the database before entering the checkout but that’s known behavior for now.

There’s no built-in garbage collector for it, though that’s not a bad idea at all.