Issue when Installing ContentBlock 1.8.5


I was just starting a new MODX installation. I installed successfully a free copy of Redactor (for testing purpose), but when it comes to ContentBlock, I got the following error during the install process :

And here is the content of my error.log file :
[2019-01-21 14:33:37] (ERROR @ C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager\core\xpdo\compression\xpdozip.class.php : 151) PHP warning: ZipArchive::extractTo(C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager/core/packages//contentblocks-1.8.5-pl\xPDOFileVehicle\e23243b82a2c9409e022e5ad36341f92\contentblocks\model\vendor\imagine\imagine\lib\Imagine\resources\ failed to open stream: No such file or directory

[2019-01-21 14:33:37] (ERROR @ C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager\core\xpdo\transport\xpdotransport.class.php : 682) Could not unpack package C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager/core/packages/ to C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager/core/packages/. SIG: contentblocks-1.8.5-pl

My first though was a read/write access problem but the Redactor installation went fine. I also looked in the /core/packages/ directory and a content block folder is actually created with some files but not all of them.

Here is the exact detail of what files are being installed :

When I unzip it manually, there is no problem but the extension is not set “Installed” by the package manager. I am on Windows.

My PHP info :

Sounds like the download may be corrupt… Try removing it in the package manager (use force remove, as it’ll likely fail to remove without it) and download it again.

Did it 3 times, same result :(.

And it always fails with the same error (same filename), too?

If so, I think the problem is the length of the path it fails to extract: C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager/core/packages//contentblocks-1.8.5-pl\xPDOFileVehicle\e23243b82a2c9409e022e5ad36341f92\contentblocks\model\vendor\imagine\imagine\lib\Imagine\resources\

That’s 261 characters long, and on Windows/NTFS filesystems the maximum length is… somewhere between 255 and 260 characters. :sweat_smile:

I can’t really make that path inside the package much shorter, but perhaps you can move your entire site up a few directories to avoid hitting that problem. Instead of the root of your site being at C:\Users\romainfallet\Documents\Projets\cci-solutions-manager, you could perhaps do something like C:\Users\romainfallet\Sites\csm or even C:\Sites\csm.

Yeah, you’re the best ! It was a fucking Windows maximum length issue. Didn’t thought about that…

I moved my projects folder just under C:// and it solved the issue.

I recently switched to Windows after my Mac died so I don’t have in mind all the things that make me hate Windows for web development yet.

Thanks a lot, and sorry for disturbing you with a not-your-concern issue.

Heh, glad it’s sorted! That could’ve taken much, much longer to get to the bottom of as well :wink:

I think we may’ve seen similar issues like once or twice before in the past, definitely not a common thing.

Hi @romainfallet, just to be secure for future endeavours, you should consider changing that inside your Windows-machine (if you’ll stick with developing under windows):

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Thanks ! This is helpful.