IPTC Keywords not render

Ive got this line in my chunk:[[+iptc.Keywords:notempty=<li><strong>Hakusanat:</strong> [[+iptc.Keywords]]</li>]]`
it renders empty line.
Still in iptc dump there is Keywords like this:
[Keywords] => Array
[0] => hyönteiset
[1] => hämähäkki
[2] => kasvit
[3] => kemijärvi
[4] => kukat
[5] => luontokuva
[6] => makro
[7] => trifolium repens
[8] => valkoapila
[9] => white clover

So how I can deal with this?

Solved by using tags.
Strange that placeholder tags render iptc keywords but placeholder +iptc.Keywords not?

Hm, it might be because it’s an array. MODX tags don’t render arrays, though you can normally get to the values by their key/index.

This probably does output hyönteiset?


I t did. But difficult to set that way if there is no wildcard or something.

Easier to stay tags placeholder, which render right results and have a tpl to modify output and filtering too.