Image upload directory placeholders bug?

Not sure if this is a Redactor or a CB issue, or what role Collections plays in this.

When I make a new child page in Collections, add an image w/title CB field, upload an image BEFORE the new resource has been saved at least once, the directory placeholder of +parent_alias is ignored.

If I save the resource first and then upload an image it goes into the placeholder directory as expected.

Using MODX 2.8.1-pl, MODX Cloud hosting, CB 1.10.0-pl, Redactor 3.1.0-pl. (I see there is a CB update so will install and test again.)

Note- will test with a non-Collections child page and report back. EDIT: Confirmed this happens also with child pages that are not part of a Collection. Page needs to be saved at least once or the +parent_alias placeholder is ignored.

Correct, unfortunately. Resource-based placeholders are not available until the resource is saved.

Any chance of this changing in the future?

I have noticed that word and char counts on introtext w/redactor don’t display until after the first save either. Is this also known?

Should I be training clients to save the resource right away as soon as they’ve typed a title? I’m worried that’s not a behavior that comes naturally to most…

That is a limitation I’d like to address at some point, yeah. I’ve made a note in the internal tracker pointing back to this thread so I’ll post here if that’s been addressed.

Right now that’s the only way to avoid it, yeah.

Hmm, that seems to work fine here. Do you mean the counter in Redactor itself (“Show word/character count” option on Appearance tab) or the seosuite/seotab/seopro extra that shows the google preview (always forget which one it is)?