Image Issue - Possibly a bug?


Sometimes, when I add an image with the image icon in redactor it will put the image at the bottom of the post, no matter where my cursor is within the post. I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug consistently, but it happens quite often, and even multiple times in a row.

Any idea if this is a configuration issue, or if this could be a bug with adding an image, or if it’s intended behavior in a certain “case”.

I’ve just tried this and it is putting it on the place of the cursor here.

Perhaps it’s losing the cursor position in some cases? Clicking outside the Redactor content (including on next to a button in the toolbar, or another field) can remove the focus and then it will default to a default position. Although in my test, that’s at the top and not at the bottom of the content.

Worth clarifying here, Redactor v2 or v3?