Image field, Fancybox and phpthumb issue

Hello everyone!

I try to crop and resize image only for img tag but keep full size for Fancybox inside A tag. But CB crop and resize all url. It’s strange. Where I’m wrong?

My code:

<a href="[[+url]]" data-fancybox="gallery">
       <img src="[[phpthumbon? &input=`[[+url]]` &options=`w=690&h=550&zc=1`]]" class="img-fluid" alt="[[+alttext]]">

What I got:

Thanks for help.

Please don’t flag as spam to close a topic when you’ve resolved it, that might cause it to think topics mentioned image fields or fancybox are spam :wink:

Better would be to add a comment stating what the problem was for others who may come upon it in the future.