Huge MoreGallery 1.4.0-rc1 release is out now

MoreGallery 1.4 is the biggest release for MoreGallery we’ve done in a while. With over two dozen new features and improvements, this release brings more flexibility and power to your favorite gallery plugin for MODX.

The full changelog is included below, but here’s the highlights:

  • MoreGallery now supports custom fields!
  • More control over thumbnail generation and other behaviour with new settings
  • Tags are automatically created from IPTC data

MoreGallery 1.4 also uses our updated license system. Once MoreGallery hits 1.4.0-pl, we’ll enable free development licenses for it.

To install MoreGallery 1.4.0-rc1, you will need to visit Account > API Keys and enable the Pre-releases channel for the API Key you used to connect our provider. It will then be available as free upgrade.

Here’s the full changelog for this release:

New Features:

  • Custom fields! Add text fields, text areas, rich text or select fields to the image edit modal [#74]
  • Automatically regenerate the mgr_thumb if it no longer exists or the mgr_thumb column is empty [#138]
  • Add crop_jpeg_quality setting to control the quality of thumbnails that are generated as jpegs [#137]
  • Add thumbnail_format setting to control the format of the mgr_thumb file [#120]
  • Add allowed_extensions_per_source setting to limit uploads to media-source specific allowed imageExtensions [#132]
  • Add &includeCount property to mgGetTags to get the number of images using a specific tag [#135]
  • Allow excluding images by tag with mgGetImages with “-tag” [#136 - thanks Thomas!]
  • Add &wrapperIfEmpty property to mgGetTags and mgGetImages that allows disabling the wrapperTpl if there are no results [#118]
  • Add &singleImageParam property to mgGetImages to allow changing the parameter per snippet call
  • Add &singleImageEnabled property to mgGetImages to disable the single image view completely
  • Automatically create tags when keywords are found in the image IPTC data [#112]
  • Make IPTC data available via a new iptc image field
  • Add support for path placeholders in the gallery path, including dates, a selection of settings and all resource fields and TVs
  • Provide support for extras like FileSluggy that sanitise file names on upload [#142]


  • Prevent potential fatal error in mgGetImages/mgGetTags if $modx->resource isn’t set [#119]
  • Make sure mgGetImages/mgGetTags set the working context
  • Remove hardcoded tooltip on the resource toolbar icon [#117]
  • Make sure mgGetTags with a resource filter also checks if images are hidden
  • Make visual difference between active and inactive images bigger [#116]
  • Implement modmore/Alpacka for shared utilities [#141]
  • Add support for transliteration for filename sanitization [#121]
  • Improve styling of the Gallery header in MODX 2.4
  • Automatically refresh the resource update page if the content position or crops are changed
  • Add prefill_from_iptc setting to allow disabling the automatic name/tag prefilling [#144]
  • Add resource data to the wrapperTpl [#145]
  • Allow deleting images when the confirm dialogs are dismissed [#143]
  • IPTC and EXIF data can be inspected with iptc_dump, iptc_json, exif_dump and exif_json placeholders


  • Fix loading the lexicon for the Content > New Gallery menu item [#87]
  • Fix toolbar icon position being out of order
  • Fix image URL generation on Windows [S7588]
  • Synchronise processing with importing with the upload processing
  • Ensure mgImage->toArray respects the $keyPrefix value

There’s now an update available - rc2 - that fixes on particularly issue that would happen when iterating over galleries with getResources or trying to fetch images from another resource than the current.