How to regenerate thumbnails after changing crop settings

Is there a way to recreate thumbnails after changing the crob settings? Will deleting the thumbnails restart creation process by loading a page?

Note that there is currently a bug with them not re-creating on MODX 3 (MoreGallery 1.16). I have a fix for that standing by to be released, which is on my to do list for Wednesday.

If you need a fix sooner, drop an email to and I’m happy to provide patch instructions.

What means »relevant records« regarding the modx_moregallery_image_crop table? The whole content of the table or just x-y-width-height values?

Either. Changing one of the values is enough to trigger an update, but removing the relevant rows also works.

But if you’re on MODX3 you will need at least 1.16.0-pl and my planning has slipped immensely over the past two weeks so that hasn’t been released yet :sweat_smile: Very soon!